Some Scimax Enhancements

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and posts asking about how to do Python development in Emacs. There are a bunch of good solutions, of course, but one of the best resources is John Kitchin. Kitchin is a Chemical Engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon and integrates Python and Emacs into his workflow at a very fundamental level. He’s collected his solutions to integrating Python and Emacs into the publicly available Scimax package for Emacs. I’ve written about Scimax a couple of times and if you aren’t familiar with it, you should check out his posts about it.

Kitchin has just released some enhancements to the package. In a sense, they aren’t earth shattering but they do make working with Python, and iPython in particular, more enjoyable. If you follow the link, you can see Kitchin’s explanation of the enhancements but, as he says, it’s probably easier to see what’s going on by watching the video included in the post.

The thing about Kitchin’s Scimax is that he is using it everyday to do real research and write his papers. You know it has to be good because he’s depending on it for his own work.

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