Emacs Tweaks from Other Editors

Ruben Berenguel has a useful post on Emacs tweaks from other editors. Berenguel works at a company where virtually everyone uses a different editor and even though he’s an Emacs user, he gets to see useful features from the competition.

Berenguel decided to to try to recreate some of those features in Emacs. He begins with Magnar Sveen’s excellent multiple cursors, which many, or perhaps most, of us already use. He then moves on to a few other packages that recreate features from those other editors that make the editing experience easier.

You may or may not want to use any of Berenguel’s tweaks but it’s certainly worthwhile taking a look to see if they’re something that could improve your workflow.

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  • lyr3

    Loved the origami-mode! haha Thanks!

  • Emacs has the same attributes as its building-block LISP: It will accept every good idea from everywhere forever. That why we love it.