New Org Mode Repository

As part of Org Mode’s migration to a new server, its ELPA repository has also moved. It used to be part of the GNU ELPA repository but is no longer housed there. Instead, Org now has its own repository. If you like to upgrade Org with the package system, you should add the new repository to your init.el.

To do that, simply add

(add-to-list 'package-archives '("org" . "") t)

to your init.el.

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  • Laurynas Biveinis

    Am I the only one getting the following on M-x list-packages with the new repo?

    Certificate information
    Issued by: Let's Encrypt Authority X3
    Issued to:
    Public key: RSA, signature: RSA-SHA256
    Protocol: TLS1.2, key: ECDHE-RSA, cipher: AES-128-GCM, mac: AEAD
    Security level: Medium
    Valid: From 2018-01-01 to 2018-04-01

    The TLS connection to is insecure for the following

    certificate was signed with an insecure algorithm
    the certificate was signed by an unknown and therefore untrusted authority
    certificate could not be verified

    • jcs

      It's working for me on macOS. At least it was as of yesterday.

  • Chris McMahan

    I work quite often on a closed network, and mirror the melpa and elpa repositories using rsync to use offline. Is there any chance the new org repository could be accessed through rsync as well?

    • jcs

      I have no idea. You should probably query Bastien on this.