A Personal Emacs Package Repo

As longtime Irreal readers know, I don’t worry about my init.el very much. Rather than organize my configuration into separate, function-specific files like my more organized colleagues, I just throw everything into a single init.el. I keep thinking I should at least turn it into an Org file but until then, I’ve settled for converting my package configuration to the excellent use-package.

Dave Pearson is the anti-me. Not only has he broken out his configuration into separate files, he also took all those personal functions that most of us accumulate, packaged them up, and installed them in his own personal package repository. He hosts the repository on GitHub so it’s easy for him to sync his configuration to different machines.

If that sort of thing appeals to you, Pearson has written a how-to on building your own personal repository. It’s a straightforward procedure. The hardest part is probably building the packages that hold your functions. The nice thing is that once you’ve set up the archive on GitHub (or your favorite such place) you can start converting your functions to packages and uploading them at your leisure. Again, if this sounds like something you’d like to do, take a look at Pearson’s how-to for the details.

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