Magit Rebase Tutorial

Guowei Lv has a very nice two-part tutorial on using Git rebase with Magit. Rebase often seems to cause confusion with n00bs—at least it did with me—so I’m always happy to see more tutorials about it. If you’re a visual learner, Howard Abrams has a nice video on the subject that I wrote about previously. If you prefer to read about a subject at your own pace, you may prefer Lv’s tutorial. If, like me, you like to first see a video to get an overview and then read a tutorial to understand the details, you should first watch Abrams’ video and then read the tutorial.

In the first part, Lv shows how to amend the commit message for a commit other than the last one. Then he moves on to showing how to squash two or more commits into a single one. The need for this happens a lot to me so it’s nice to know how to get everything into a single commit.

On the other hand, sometimes you need to split a commit into two or more parts. He also shows how to do this. Again, this is something that comes up more than you’d expect.

The second tutorial considers how to use rebase to merge branches. My problem with rebasing is that I don’t do it enough to remember the details. I can always go back and watch Abrams’ video to refresh my memory but that seems like overkill. Lv’s tutorial is nice because it serves as a go-by for the common cases and I can just bookmark it and refer to it when I need to.

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