Advanced Magit Video

Howard Abrams has been releasing a lot of really great videos lately. His latest is a remake of a talk he gave to the Portland Emacs Hackers Group on Magit Introduction and Demonstration.

Although he spends a little bit of time on Magit basics, most of the video is about an advanced subject: rebasing. Many people are afraid of rebasing and don't understand it. Abrams explains what's going on and shows how to get rid of what he calls twigs and Eric Raymond calls merge bubbles. Those are the tiny branches that get created when you fix a merge conflict. (If that seems obtuse, it's demonstrated nicely in the video.)

The video is only 14 minutes long so it should be easy to schedule some time for it. Abrams also links to some blog posts of his on the same subject. I've written about one of them previously.

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