Using Org Mode for Writing

Over at the Emacs subreddit, willmhorne asks how people use Org’s outlining capabilities for essays, books, and other long-form writing. Most Org users have their own answers to this but it’s very interesting and useful to see what others have to say. I especially liked rpdillon’s and kbouser’s answers. They have a developed an organized process that makes writing and sharing as painless as possible.

One of the big problems, especially for writers in the humanities, is sharing work with colleagues who are most likely using Word. A couple of the respondents address that question as well. The best solution I’ve seen for this was captured by Grant Rettke from the Emacs-Orgmode mailing list. It’s a little complicated but could probably be automated fairly easily. It’s perfect for coordinating with coauthors who have the poor taste or misfortune to be using Word or one of its evil siblings.

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