Presentations With Org Mode

Rob Rohan, whose work I've mentioned before, has posted a nice video about a bit of presentation software that he built. The software, bestowed, takes a normal Org mode outline and turns it into an HTML-based presentation. It does this with some Javascript and a CSS file, which are invoked by editing the Org mode headers. Nothing in Emacs or Org has to be changed for added to. The Org file is simply exported to HTML as usual.

Org has lots of ways to generate presentations and many of them have more capabilities than bestowed but if you're looking for something quick and easy that will work, after adding a couple of headers, with Org files that weren't written with it in mind, bestowed may be just what you need. If you've got a presentation in half an hour and would like to turn your Org notes into the slides for it, bestowed is perfect. There's no export to PDF, so you'll have to show the presentation in a browser.

The best way to understand the system is to watch the video and look at org file from which the example in the video was generated. The video is only 6 minutes 17 seconds so it's easy to find time to watch it.

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