Integrating iCal and Org Mode

Rob Rohan has a very nice video up on integrating Org mode and OS X1 iCal. In his case, he wants to create a physical training schedule that will be reflected in his desktop calendar as well as on his iOS devices. Even if your idea of exercise is getting up to get another cup or coffee, you can use the same ideas to export Org events to your calendar for any purpose.

As the Org Manual puts it, “Some people use Org mode for keeping track of projects, but still prefer a standard calendar application for anniversaries and appointments.” In this case the techniques that Rohan describes make it easy to integrate Org mode with iCal. Even if you keep everything in Org mode, you may want to export it to iCal so you can see it on your iOS (or other remote) devices.

The video is short (7 minutes, 46 seconds) so it's easy to watch. If you've been wishing for a way to get Org events into your calendar or your New Year's resolution involves getting serious about your exercise regime, take a look at Rohan's video.



Since iCal uses the standard icalendar format, you could probably make this work on any platform and calendar application that supports the icalendar standard.

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