Cycling Through Spelling Correction

The other day I wrote about Ben Maughan's Emacs Tips mailing list and recommended that you take at look at the Web site that also collects the tips1.

In case you didn't take my advice, I want to share part of one of his tips that told me something I didn't know. For years I've had flyspell-mode enabled in all my text-derived buffers. It's nice to get immediate notice when you've misspelled something. What happens is that the incorrect word is underlined in red and I have to type 【Meta+$】 to see the list of suggestions.

A far easier method that Maughan wrote about is to simply type 【Ctrl+;】 to cycle through the suggestions. That works really well because most often it's a simple misspelling and the first suggestion is the one you want. It seems like a small thing but I've saved a lot of effort since I learned about it.



If you're interested in being on the list, see Maughan's comment on my original post. He says he'll probably move it to a blog but in the mean time he's kindly offered to add anyone interested to the list.

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  • Ben Maughan

    This is one of the things I miss most if I end up writing in a different editor. I guess I make a lot of typos!

    BTW the new blog is up now at

    I'll be adding content from the static page that you linked, plus a new tip every week.

  • That is nice, it has less impact on your flow.