A Nice Set of Emacs Tips

Via Artur Malabarba we have a link to an excellent set of Emacs tips from Ben Maughan. Maughan has a local mailing list to which he posts an Emacs tip every week. Happily, for the rest of us, the list is available as a Web page too.

A lot of the tips are elementary but I learned a couple of things so it's probably worth your while to cycle through them. Or you could extend the pleasure by reading one a day. Either way, the tips are short and to the point so you won't waste any time.

I'm glad Malabarba pointed us to the list and I'm grateful to Maughan for making it available to all of us through the Web site. Now if I could only figure out a way to get on the list.

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  • Ben Maughan

    Glad you like the tips! I've learned more than my fair share from your blog, so some tips may be familiar! If you want to be added to the mailing list, drop me a line. My contact details are at the top of the emacs-tips page (I just fixed the link there which was previously broken). Same goes for any other readers who want to be added.

    • Phil

      Aside from box commenting (which I'd completely forgotten about), I thought it was all stuff I knew, until you dropped the `calc-dispatch` binding on me. I use `M-x calc` a little, but I've typically used `M-x calculator` for quick infix calculations. I'll see how I like the Quick Calc option instead. However it was the 'embedded calc' feature that really caught me by surprise. Move point to a number in a buffer, type `C-x * w` and just start doing calc operations on it, right where you are? (`q` to return to the original mode.) Crazy!

    • Alex Ermolov

      Also I'd like to thank you for dired tips, those a very handy indeed.