A Hydra for Info

A few months ago, I wrote about mbork's method for having multiple Info buffers. It was a nice solution but required learning a new key sequence for every Info buffer you wanted a quick link to. Abo-abo liked the method too but he also found that he tended to forget the key sequences.

Abo-abo neatly solved the problem by integrating mbork's method into a hydra. It's a neat solution because he invokes the hydra from any Info screen with the single keystroke 【t】. From there, he simply selects the desired Info file from the menu. He can have any number of Info buffers without worrying about remembering a lot of (probably) seldom used key sequences. It's a nice solution and I'm planning on implementing it on my systems.

Another nice thing that abo-abo pointed out in his post was that the gcl Info file can serve as an Info-based HyperSpec. He explains how to get the gcl Info file and install it. If you're a Common Lisp user, this is very nice. It's not the HyperSpec, of course, but has the same information. I'm also planning on implementing that and trying it out.

If you use Info or if you're a Common Lisp user, you should give abo-abo's post a read.

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