Kitchin on Org-mode

John Kitchin is on a roll. Just the other day, I wrote about his org-ref project and the really great work he is doing in introducing his students to reproducible research via Emacs and Org-mode. Now, he has a new video out on the splendors of Org-mode.

There are lots of videos on Org-mode, of course, but Kitchin emphasizes its use to produce technical papers using the reproducible research method. Kitchin, of course, is an export on the subject matter so the video is definitely worth your time. It's just over 18 minutes so it won't take up a lot of your time. Very definitely recommended.

As one of the commenters noted, you can lose a day reading the Org-mode entries on his blog. I've spent some time there myself and recommend that as well. Kitchin has been doing some outstanding work on Org-mode so it's worth paying attention to his blog.

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