Credit Card Numbers and Lazy Programmers

Ben, over at Brush Technology, has a splendid rant on something that I've written about before on my old blog. Why, in 2013, are we still suffering Websites that refuse to accept spaces in credit card numbers? There really is no excuse for this. The comments to Ben's post offer several one line solutions to removing the spaces.

Look at your credit card. See those spaces in the number? They're there for a reason: it makes it easier to read the number off. They also make it easier to enter the numbers on a Web form without error. It's really annoying to enter the number as it appears on the card and then find that the last 3 digits didn't appear in the credit card number field. Even worse is to have a moronic site tell me that the number is invalid.

And don't even get me started on phone numbers. If this stuff bothers you too—and it should—take a look at the No Dashes or Spaces Hall of Shame that I linked in my original post.

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