A New Emacs Trick

Well, new to me anyway. Xah Lee and the folks over at the ErgoEmacs Google+ Group discovered a nifty Emacs command (apparently from a Sacha Chua tweet) that does something I've often wanted to do. Suppose you want to kill some text, move to another part of the buffer and kill some more text and then be able to yank both kills at once. It turns out that there's a nice way of doing that:

  • Kill the first batch of text
  • Move to the next text to kill
  • Type 【Ctrl+Meta+w
  • Kill the second batch of text

Now when you yank with 【Ctrl+y】 you get both kills together.

The 【Ctrl+Meta+w】 runs the append-next-kill command that causes the kills to be appended. As I say, this is something I often want to do, particularly when I'm moving code around. Thanks to Sacha, Xah, and the ErgoEmacs folks for letting us know about this.

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