A Sound Investment

How much would you pay for Org mode? $10? $25? $100? More? Well
fortunately you don’t have to pay anything at all because, of course,
Org mode is free software in all senses of the word “free.” Still,
free software does have a cost even if we aren’t the ones paying. Most
often that cost is the significant free labor that the implementers
and maintainers provide.

Sometimes the cost includes more than the free labor. Bastien Guerry
is one of the principal maintainers of Org accounting for, according
to Karl Voit, more than 20% of the commits. But now Bastien’s computer
is dying and he can’t afford to get a new one:

I don’t know what computer prices are like in Paris but whatever they
are, if every Org user chipped in a small amount, Bastien would be
able to replace his dying machine with a new and powerful computer so
that he could continue his vital work. Of course, not every Org user
can afford to help but if you can, please chip in a few Euros. I’ve
sent him €20; that’s only about $25 US. If even 100 people do the
same, Bastien will probably have enough for a decent replacement.

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