I mentioned the Emacs X Window Manager (WXWM) in a previous post but didn’t say very much about it. Now, Phil Hagelberg has a post in which he explains his use case for EXWM. Like me and many other Emacs users, Hagelberg likes to stay in Emacs as much as he can. He even remaps his Firefox keys to be consistent with Emacs. Sadly, the next Firefox version will not support the plugin that he uses to accomplish this and he was wondering what he should do.

He discovered that EXWM has a feature called “simulation keys” that allows him to do the same thing. So, even though he had always thought of EXWM as something of a toy, he installed and started using it. He’s been very happy with it and other Irreal readers who like staying in the Emacs experience as much as possible should read his post. Perhaps it will work for you too.

As I said in my previous post, I’m a macOS user so EXWM isn’t available to me but macOS has built-in key remapping so Emacs keys work globally for me. Still, I’d like to try EXWM just to see what the experience is like. If you’re using an X-based GUI front end, you can try it out if you’re curious.

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