Collapsing Empty Dired Paths

One annoying feature of many modern development systems and sometimes even single programs is that they hide files or directories in a long, nested series of otherwise empty directories. That is, each directory other than the last contains only a single entry. GitHub has a nice solution for this: they collapse the entire path of otherwise empty directories into a single path. That makes it easy to get to the target without navigating through a bunch of essentially unused directories.

Fuco1, who has little tolerance for such infelicities, has introduced dired-collapse-mode to bring the same functionality to dired. Follow the link to Fuco1’s post to see an example of the mode in action. It’s on Melpa so it’s easy to install and try out. If you have a lot of these nested directories ending in a single target, you should give dired-collapse-mode a try. You having nothing to lose but your frustration.

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