Five Org Mode Features

Aja Hammerly has a post that those trying to decide whether or not Org mode is for them may find useful. Hammerly is a developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform. As such, she writes tutorials, gives talks, and even writes code. Her post looks at 5 useful Org features that help her prepare her tutorials and talks.

The 5 features that she looks at are

  1. Table and Spreadsheets
  2. Todos and Checklists
  3. Tags
  4. Code Blocks
  5. The fact that everything is just text

Hammerly is a self-described Org n00b and admits that she isn’t using its full power. Still, just using its outlining and checklist capabilities improves her workflow. If you’re new to Org and trying to decide if it’s worth learning, you should take a look at Hammerly’s post. Among other things, it shows that you can start slowly—indeed, that’s the optimal approach—and learn the more complex features as you need them. As you can see from Hammerly’s post, the features she describes are simple to understand and use.

Later, you’ll probably find yourself using more and more of Org’s capabilities. Eventually, you may find that, like me, you’re using it for the majority of your writing.

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