Adding Keymaps to Org Source Blocks

If you use Org mode and Babel, you know that by calling org-edit-special (bound to Ctrl+c by default) you’re put in a separate buffer that has the mode of the source block you were working in. That’s really convenient because you get syntax highlighting, proper indentation, and all the other benefits of being in a programming mode.

If you do a lot of coding in source blocks, you may find it inconvenient to always be switching into the org-edit-special mode. John Kitchin does a great deal of coding this way and decided to make his life easier by adding a keymap to the source block itself so that he could get the advantages of the programming mode without having to switch to the special buffer.

I use Org Babel a lot but I’m happy switching to the other buffer. Perhaps if I were doing it as much as Kitchin, I’d feel differently. If you would like to avoid the org-edit-special buffer, take a look at Kitchin’s post and the accompanying video.

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