Using EWW as Your Default Browser (Sometimes)

As much as I like to stay in Emacs, most of my browsing is done in Safari. It provides a much better and richer experience than is (currently) possible in Emacs. Still, there are a lot of browsing tasks that are a natural fit for EWW. It’s just that I usually don’t remember to invoke it rather than a “normal” browser.

Over on the Emacs subreddit, emacsclient has nice suggestion that may work for some of you. He gives a small bit of Elisp that intercepts calls to the browse-url function and asks if you want to use EWW or your default browser. Depending on how often you call a browser from within Emacs, this may be a little distracting. Or maybe it’s just a nice way of conditioning yourself to think about using EWW more. Of course, many functions just call browse-url so perhaps emacsclient’s code is the best general solution.

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