Emacs as a C/C++ IDE

This is another of a series of posts on how to use Emacs as a C/C++ IDE. I’m always seeing queries about how to do that so it’s worth another post on the subject. This time, I want to discuss a series of videos by Baris Yuksel.

There are four videos. The first two cover the usual subjects of completion, yasnippets, iedit, flymake, and even google-cpplint. Most active developers probably have all that installed already (with the possible exception of google-cpplint). Still, if you’re starting from scratch, Yuksel shows what these do and why you might want to install them. These two videos cover the same ground—but in a different way—as Mike Zamasky’s C++ video.

The second two videos are the most interesting. They cover how to give Emacs semantic knowledge of C++. The third video illustrates this with cedit and the fourth shows how to do the same thing with irony/sarcasm if you’re a clang user. Either of these two methods give Emacs intellisence capabilities and you should definitely take a look if you do a lot of C/C++ programming.

The first 3 videos are all together in a panel with the first video. The fourth is separate but can be found here. The videos are all 6 to 8 minutes long so it’s easy to find time to watch them. The videos are from 2014 so they discuss previous versions of Emacs and the packages but most if not all of the material still applies today.

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