Flash, FedEx? Really?

I like FedEx and I use them all the time to send packages and even important papers that need to be there the next day. I’ve always assumed that like UPS they are a technically sophisticated operation. That illusion was shattered today by this tweet pointed to by Kontra.

If you want to sign on to the FedEx Office site to, say, order up a print job, this is what you get. They even has extensive directions for how to install Flash in case you want to add a serious and well known security risk to your computer.

I don’t understand how a large, presumably clueful, corporation like FedEx could still be using Flash and even encouraging it customers to install it. The word that comes to mind is “malfeasance.” It’s hard enough to get average users to protect their computers from being recruited into a BOT net. We don’t need FedEx asking them to make it easier.

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