Mu4e Tutorial

Gregory Stein over at Caches to Caches has a really nice tutorial on configuring mu4e and offlineimap to handle your email from within Emacs. That’s an on-going project—delayed mostly by laziness—here at Irreal so I was especially interested in the post. My only complaint is the use of offlineimap instead of the faster mbsync.

Still, Stein shows you how to get things set up so that your mail is automatically downloaded every 5 minutes and Emacs lets you know when you have email. He found a couple little glitches when he was configuring his system and he explains those and gives workarounds for them.

If you’ve been looking for a way to move email inside Emacs, mu4e is an excellent solution. If you want some inspiration, take a look at my post where I discuss Ben Maughan’s email setup. As I say in that post, Maughan has leveraged mu4e to make what I consider a near-perfect email setup.

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  • cpbotha

    I tested both offlineimap (which I've been using for much longer, and which has not failed me yet) and mbsync (because everyone seems to be repeating that it's faster) on my setup.

    Over here it's the difference between 5s and and 5.5s per sync in mbsync's favour. Where I used to sync my whole 60k mail archive, I now only sync a small current subset of that, so it could very well be on larger archives, or when many changes have to be reconciled, that mbsync is faster. However, I still wonder how many people have quantitatively compared the difference.

    Have you measured the actual difference in speed?

    • When I tested with a roughly 60k email archive, I found mbsync was about 5x faster and used about 5x less CPU. You might be right that the difference is smaller for fewer emails.