Migrating Notes from Evernote to Org

I use Evernote to keep copies of resources that I think may disappear over time and I’m pretty happy with it. Recently, they’ve introduced a new fee structure and there’s been some grumbling about finding another platform. As I say, I’m happy with them for now but if you’re looking for a way to migrate off Evernote and you’re an Org mode user, Karl Voit tells us one way to do it

Everorg was written by Mario Martelli to migrate his Evernote data to Org mode because of the new pricing policy. It appears to be pretty complete—see the README—but if you have special needs you may have to do part of the migration by hand.

Again, I’m happy with Evernote for the time being so I haven’t used EverOrg but if you’re looking for a migration solution EverOrg is the best I’ve seen.

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  • Schnuddel Huddel

    Thanks for the mention :)

    As it worked out, it was not easily possible to build EverOrg on Linux. I decided to rewrite it in Go because I wanted to use that language for some time.

    The project could still be found here: https://github.com/mgmart/EverOrg
    There are now executables available: https://github.com/mgmart/EverOrg/releases

    And I removed the emphasis on the new billing scheme ;)