Tutorial on Building Reveal.js Slides with Org Mode

Scott Nesbitt has posted a very useful tutorial on making Reveal.js slides with Org mode. There are lots of Reveal.js tutorials, of course, including the excellent video from Mike Zamansky but what sets Nesbitt’s tutorial apart is that he approaches the subject from the point of view of someone who doesn’t have Org mode experience. Actually, he doesn’t even assume the reader has Emacs experience but he offers no help there other than to recommend Mickey’s book.

If we stipulate that the reader has an elementary knowledge of Emacs, the tutorial is self contained. Nesbitt shows every step you need to take to put together a slide deck. My only complaint is that he doesn’t provide a complete Org file for a simple two or three slide example.

Everyone says they hate slide decks but everyone uses them. Given that if you gives talks you’re going to need slides, Reveal.js is a nice way of producing them. An added advantage is that the slides don’t require any special presentation software other than a browser. The other nice thing is that it’s very easy to get started and if you follow Nesbitt’s tutorial, there’s virtually no learning curve.

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  • Has anyone gotten speaker notes to work?

    They show up in the exported html, but in firefox I get a popup window with a timer that doesn't work and no notes, and in chrome the timer works but the notes don't show up either....

  • amorpheuses

    Nesbitt link above is broken. New one is http://scottnesbitt.info/2016/12/14/orgmode/