The EOS Org Mode Configuration

Yesterday, I wrote about Lee Hinman's EOS Emacs configuration and mentioned that because the configuration is factored into modules, it's easy to adapt them to our own configurations. An example of this is Hinman's Org Mode configuration. It's a treasure trove of configuration items that I didn't know about but that can be very useful.

One example, that I immediately implemented, is the org-special-ctrl-a/e variable. By setting that to t, Ctrl+a and Ctrl+e will ignore stars and tags when moving to the beginning and end of a header line. A subsequent Ctrl+a or Ctrl+e will move to the absolute beginning or end of the line.

There are several other similar useful configurations and if, like me, you do a great deal of your work in Org mode, you'll want to implement some of them yourself. In general, if you're an Org user—and you should be—you should definitely take a look at Hinman's configuration. As I say, it's full of good ideas.

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