Animation of Using eshell to cd into Another Machine

Last month I wrote about using cd to ssh into a remote machine. Today, I came across this animated Gif from Bodil that shows the process in action

Notice how easy it is to log out: just type cd and you're back in your home directory on the local machine. Also notice how easy it is to use Magit remotely.

A really nice and informative animation and it takes less than two minutes to watch.

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  • Omar

    TRAMP I knew about, I'm more impressed by how she types lines of prose without eshell complaining those aren't commands! How do you do that?

  • Chakravarthy Raghunandan

    what theme is used in the gif for eshell? That looks really neat.

  • I haven't used the eshell like this, but in my experience Tramp to edit remote files is fantastic as long as you don't need sudo. Once you need sudo, you're into the brambles. After several attempts over the years, I am still not sure whether I can't get my head round the syntax or whether it will just not work. For me, at least as far as my limited experience goes, I think it is handier to set up a remote Emacs.

    • jcs

      Perhaps this will help. And see the comments too.

  • Alan Third

    This only sort of works for me. I can cd to a full path, but if I try something like "cd .." it throws up an error about "CDPATH". I always just assumed I was abusing TRAMP in a way it wasn't designed to work, but it seems not.

    I don't know if it's because I'm running Emacs on Windows using plink to connect or something else.