How a Non-Developer Uses Emacs

Charles-H. Schulz is not a developer—although he is technically proficient. He describes himself as specializing in literature, history and philosophy. He's also an Emacs user. I find that interesting because I'm always fascinated with how people who aren't writing code use Emacs and how they took the unlikely step of getting started.

Schulz has a post in which he describes how he uses Emacs. It's easy to see him as a power user because he performs many—or even most—of his daily tasks in Emacs. That includes mu4e for email, blogging, IRC, file management, terminal, and, of course, Org mode. Like most of us he prefers to browse with a dedicated browser rather than, say, eww, and he doesn't like the available Emacs packages for RSS or Twitter. Still, he does an impressive number of his daily chores from within Emacs.

If this sort of thing interests you too, head on over to and take a look at his write-up.

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  • peter m.

    Jay Dixit is a science writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Psychology Today.

    Jay discusses how he uses Emacs as a non-programmer, and how Emacs makes him a more productive writer, editor, and researcher.