New Zamansky Emacs Video Up

Mike Zamansky has posted the latest Emacs video in his series. This time it's about flycheck. As usual, the video is from the point of view of how Zamansky himself uses Emacs.

The demonstration is mostly about using flycheck with Python because that's the language that Zamansky uses most of the time but he also shows an example of using it with C. He points to the flycheck home page and the list of supported languages, which includes Elisp, of course.

I often see queries on how to set up a Python environment in Emacs. Zamansky discusses that a bit too but doesn't cover Elpy because it's more powerful than he needs. He does talk about Pylint, Flake8, and Jedi, though. If you're looking for a Python environment, check out this video. Those of you who haven't tried flycheck yet should check it out too.

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  • Looks like Elpy is easier to install than I remember - I'll at least touch on it in the next video (along with yasnippet)