The Emacs/Vi Holy War

I saw this tweet and it got me thinking.

The tweet is, of course, snark but it raises an interesting question. Does anyone still care about the holiest of holy wars? This tweet

suggests that some of us do but my sense is that Emacsers and Vimers are pretty much united against all the newcomers as exemplified by this tweet

I always get in trouble when I bring this up but I think it's true that serious developers overwhelmingly prefer either Emacs or Vim. Of course there are exceptions. There are, I'm sure, thousands of excellent developers that use something else but mostly the great developers use Emacs or Vim.

The choice between the two depends on the developer's outlook. If you want the fastest, most composable editor and are focused on simply editing text, you will probably prefer Vim. If, on the other hand, you want an environment that subsumes editing among other things, you will probably prefer Emacs.

My point, though, is that Emacsers and Vimers have pretty much moved from fighting each other to shaking their heads in disbelief about those engineers who are using one of those other editors. So perhaps the holy war isn't over, it's just move to another domain.

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  • I agree with your assessment. Instead of spending our efforts fighting
    each other, the Vimmers & Emacsers of today spend all their energy
    explaining why they don't use Sublime or Atom or anything else that's

  • Serious developers overwhelmingly prefer either Emacs or Vim.

    Experienced developers overwhelmingly enjoy both Emacs and Vim