Quoting with Org Mode

Grant Rettke, whom Irreal has mentioned from time to time, has a nice screencast on how he adds quotes to an Org document. Like many of us, Rettke takes notes on material he is watching or reading with Org mode. Sometimes he wants to add a verbatim snippet into his Org notes.

In the screencast, he shows three ways of adding these “quotes” to his notes and what the result looks when he exports the notes to, say, HTML. There's a little less than seven minutes of content so it's easy to find time to watch it.

I love videos like this because I always learn something from seeing how others use their tools—especially Emacs and Org mode—to lubricate their workflow. Even if you already know about the features that a particular video demonstrates, seeing how others use them can give you new ideas. I know that's most often the case for me. In any event, Rettke's video is interesting and well worth watching. It's also nicely produced. Give it a look and see.

Update [2016-05-26 Thu]: Moke → Mode

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  • Alex Ermolov

    s/Moke/Mode/ probably, otherwise it sounds somewhat funny ;)

    • jcs

      Fixed. Thanks.