Molecule Representations in Org Mode

This will be of no use to most of us but it's so darn neat I had to write about. John Kitchin, who's a genius a finding ways to move nearly everything into Org mode, has a blog post on drawing molecule representations in Org. Kitchin, of course, is a chemical engineer so this is something very useful for him, especially since his group uses Org to write most of their papers.

Sure, you can argue that all the real work is being done by SMILES and Open Babel but what's nice about this approach is that it brings everything into Org, which has important reproducible research and organizational consequences. In a subsequent post, Kitchin explores another method of doing the same thing.

As I say, most of us won't have a use for this but it is neat and it does show how flexible Org is and that it can meet much more of your publishing needs than you might imagine.

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