Using reveal.js with Org Mode

For those looking for a way to produce slides with Emacs and Org mode, there are two popular options: Beamer and reveal.js. Each solution has its partisans but if you're in the reveal.js camp, Yujie Wen has an org-reveal package that allows reveal.js slide decks to be produced with Org mode.

The process is pretty simple. By default, each top level heading is a new slide containing the content of that heading. Subheadings are child slides that sit logically below the parent slide. You can add options to the entire deck or individual slides to control how the slides display.

Wen's that comes with the package is a complete manual for using org-reveal and can also be exported to a slide deck. In that way, it serves not only as a manual for using the org-reveal package but as a go-by for writing your own slides.

If you give talks, are an instructor, or otherwise need to generate presentations, this is a nice package that's easy to use and doesn't take very much effort to get up to speed with. Definitely worth checking out.

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