Entering Accented Characters in Emacs

John D. Cook points out that it's pretty easy to enter accented characters, ç, ü, é, etc., in Emacs by typing【Ctrl+x 8】followed by a punctuation mark and letter. For example, to get ç you type 【Ctrl+x 8 , c】. Cook's post has a chart of the possible accented characters.

I prefer to use the TeX default input method for entering accented characters but the method that Cook describes works well too. There are more possibilities than those in Cook's chart. The easiest way to see them is to type 【Ctrl+x 8 Ctrl+h】.

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  • Karl


    Thanks for the pointer. Very nice method, indeed.

    I played around with it, finding out that "C-x 8 , c" works fine to get "ç".

    However, when I tried to get "å" via "C-x 8 oa" I got "°a" instead. "C-x 8 `a" resoved in "C-x 8 à is undefined", same goes for "C-x 8 'a" ("C-x 8 á is undefined") or
    "C-x 8 ^s" ("C-x 8 ŝ is undefined"). No idea, why this does not work as expected.

    A couple of days ago, I found https://github.com/mrkkrp/char-menu which I find very handy: you can define your most used accented characters and other symbols. With a shortcut, you can insert them with low effort.

    • jcs

      Type C-x 8 C-h and look at the chart. To get å you should type C-x 8 / a, not C-x 8 0 a. ŝ is not one of the supported glyphs but you can get this with TeX default input method by typing ^s. Both à and á work fine for me (Emacs 24.5). I don't know why you're having trouble with them.

  • Dying to play around with org-mode's support for xetex and lualatex.