Dired Hacks

Fuco, the author of the excellent smartparens package, has a collection of useful additions to dired. Rather than define a comprehensive package, he broken the functionality out into separate packages so that you can install just what you need.

He has a detailed README that describes the functionality of each package so you should take a look at that if you want details. Here's a quick summary of the packages

  • dired-filter
    Filter the dired listing by one or more criteria. These are ANDed together by default but can also be ORed or NEGATED.
  • dired-avfs
    Seamless archive browsing. Requires avfsd.
  • dired-open
    Improves upon the functionality that opens files with external programs
  • dired-rainbow
    Extends the highlighting functionality
  • dired-subtree
    Improves the formatting of dired subdirectory listings
  • dired-ranger
    Adds some functionality from the ranger file manager that is missing in dired.
  • dired-narrow
    Provides a sort of live filtering in dired buffers.
  • dired-list
    Make a dired buffer from the output of a shell script.

If you like to anchor your workflow in a dired buffer, you may find some or all of these packages helpful.

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