Emacs for the CEO

Back when Josh Stella was coding, he lived in Emacs. Like many of us, he performed most of his everyday tasks—mail, calendar, documents, coding—from within Emacs. Decades later, he'd become the CEO/co-founder of Luminal and had left Emacs behind.

Like many developers—even former developers—he hates context switching, and that's what he found himself doing as he moved from application to application as he went about his day to day duties as a CEO. Each application had it's own UI and its own set of shortcut keys. Recently, he decided to revisit Emacs and to try to do as many of his daily tasks as possible from within Emacs.

Stella describes his new set up and writes about why other CEOs might want to try Emacs too. It's not for everyone, he admits, but if you're the right sort of person, Emacs can revolutionize your work flow and make you more efficient and happier. None of that will come as a surprise to us Emacsers, of course, but I wonder how many CEOs without a technical background will be willing to climb up the learning curve to get those benefits.

To make that climb a bit easier, Stella spends some time describing how to install Emacs and goes over some of the basic navigation. If you're looking for reasons why a non-technical person might want to try Emacs, Stella's post is an excellent place to start.

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  • Are Emacs users called "Emacsers"? I've been wondering.

    • jcs

      That's what I call us. If you start using the term too, there will be at least two of us.

      • This is an important topic because in our cognitive workspace it is silly to always refer to "An Emacs User". Python people have Pythonista, so yea I wanted something shorter. I started with Maccer, because it is shorter than "EmacsEr", but there is the not appropriate American slang term "Macker". Then Macser, but pronunciation might be weird. Then Emaccer, or EMacser. Finally I ended up with Maxer. Short, kinda sounds right, appropriate (maximizer of good stuff). Emaxer. Emacser. Emacsers. Now there are two of us.

        • jcs

          Tomorrow, the world!