LaTeX Tips for Beginners

After years of resistance, I've come to like LaTeX and now prefer it—particularly through Org mode—over than troff. The thing is, I mostly don't write in LaTeX; I write in Org mode and just export the Org mode to LaTeX. Sometimes, though, it makes more sense to write directly in LaTeX using the wonderful(!) AUCTeX. When I do, I tend to forget the fine details.

Fortunately, Nick Higham has an excellent set of LaTeX tips. Although they were intended for n00bs (mostly his students) they also serve as a great refresher for those who don't use LaTeX everyday. They serve as a reminder of how to use LaTeX correctly. If, like me, you're an occasional LaTeX user—or more correctly, don't write directly in LaTeX often—you may find it helpful to read Higham's tips before you start a new writing project. It will save you time looking up those fine points as you write.

Definitely worth a read. I've bookmarked it for handy reference. There is also a PDF if you prefer.

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