Magit 2.1.0 Summary

Over at, Nathan Willis has a nice summary of the Magit 2.1.0 features. Obviously he doesn't cover all the features or even all the new features but it's worth reading for getting an idea what's in the latest release.

If you haven't yet tried Magit, give Willis' post a read and load Magit from Melpa. In the unlikely event that you don't like it all you have to do is unload it. You won't have to do any configuration to try it out so you can load it for a trial very easily and cheaply.

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  • Phil

    The article states "the only significant dependency is on dash.el" which fails to point out the extremely significant dependencies on both Emacs and Git themselves. Magit 2 absolutely requires minimums of Emacs 24.4 and Git 1.9.4, and many people are getting tripped up by this (especially with Git 1.7 still being common on many servers). Be sure to read and also

  • Phil

    Also, Nathan's example of an "important bug fix" is very definitely describing a *useful new feature* (one which the `git stash` command does not even provide an option for).