Org-Babel Examples

I haven't written about using Babel with Org mode for a long time but it's something I use everyday. Most of those uses are trivial but the full power is there when I need it. I can produce summary data and graph that summary almost effortlessly.

If you're looking for some examples of what you can do with Org and Babel, Derek Feichtinger has a Github repository with examples using several languages. It's well worth looking at because Org with Babel is the key to writing your documents in a reproducible research way.

You may not be writing journal articles that other researchers will want to check but even if you're just documenting some aspect of your own work, having a document with all the code embedded in it is tremendously powerful. Right now, I have legacy documents where the code that process their data are separate applications. I also have Org mode documents where the code to process the data is embedded in the document and I can update the results simply by typing【Ctrl+c Ctrl+c】on the code block. I can tell you that the latter documents are far easier to deal with.

Check out Feichtinger's collection of examples to see if some of them won't be useful to you.

UPDATE: Added link to Feichtinger's Github repository.

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