I've written several times about ace-jump-mode and how it's now my main navigation tool. I'm also a huge fan of ace-winodw and use it through the excellent hydra from abo-abo that I use to control all my window operations.

Abo-abo, it turns out has written a replacement for ace-jump, called Avy, that extends the its functionality. Abo-abo writes excellent software and is fastidious about maintaining it but ace-jump was working well for me and my inherent laziness kept me from switching. Then Artur Malabarba wrote about his upgrading to Avy and I was shamed into at least considering upgrading.

Finally, I realized that ace-window was based on avy and was therefore already installed on my machines. All I had to do was switch my key binding for ace-jump to avi-goto-word-1 and I would be using avy instead of ace-jump as well as having access to the rest of avy's functionality. You can take a look at avy's READ ME to see what some of that functionality is.

I also rebound 【Meta+g g】 and 【Meta+g Meta+g】 to avy-goto-line. It's a more featureful replacement for the built-in goto-line.

I've been using the new setup for a while now and am very happy with it. I finally deleted ace-jump from my packages so you can consider me all in now. If you ever have more than two windows open in Emacs you absolutely must have ace-window. Once you have ace-window, all the rest is available for free. I can't overstate how useful this package is. I can't imagine using Emacs without it now.

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