Org Capture Video

Jonathan Magen recently gave a talk to the New York Emacs Meetup group on using Org capture. His setup is a little different from mine so it was interesting to see how he did things.

If you're an Emacs user and not taking advantage of Org capture, you're really missing out. I set it up when I first starting using Org mode using Bernt Hansen's excellent Org Mode — Organize Your Life in Plain Text as a guide. His work flow is a bit different from mine so I wasn't really taking full advantage of it until recently when I added capture templates for blog ideas, my journal, and other specialized tasks.

Those capture templates have really made a difference. It's easier and faster to capture data and because they are customized to my work flow the end results are more useful to me.

It's definitely worth spending some time learning the capture system. A good way to get a feel for it is with Magen's video. It's about 15 minutes so you don't need to block out a lot of time.

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