The scum spammers, who doubtless describe themselves as SEO consultants, have discovered a new way to get links into forum comments: trackbacks and pingbacks. Irreal does have the occasional legitimate trackback and I enjoy them as they give me a sense of who's reading the blog and what they have to say about the topics we consider here. Lately, though, they've all been phony trackbacks designed to get Google to notice a link to some site or another that has nothing to do with Irreal or the things we talk about here.

Therefore, I've turned off trackbacks/pingbacks. Comments will remain as they were: unmoderated but requiring a CAPTCHA or registration.

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  • yes, i so agree.

    i run website and blog myself, in past ten years, i've seen first hand all the tricks of spammers. I noticed the spam trackback on your blog too. Starting about few months ago, Google bloggers stat page are filled with spam link back too. (Google introduced that feature just few months back) Years back, it was spam links in web logs... I myself have to spend some 15 minutes a day to delete spam comments... i looked into the SEO since about 2 years ago. It's a huge market, many are backed by big corps, and with tens or hundreds of thousands small ones or individuals. On twitter, almost everyone self-proclaims SEO expert.