A New Emacs Blog

Oleh Krehel (abo-abo) has a new blog, (or emacs. There's only a few posts so far but they're really excellent. For example, his initial post discusses his packaging of ace-window into a library so that other packages can use the ace-window technology to pick windows to operate on.

I really like ace-window and use it all the time. I didn't know, though, that with 【Ctrl+u】 it will swap the current window with the selected one and with 【Ctrl+u Ctrl+u】 it will delete the selected window. So I learned something useful from his very first post.

Abo-abo has made many contributions to Emacs other than ace-window so he has interesting things to say. Welcome, abo-abo. We'll be looking forward to many more posts.

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  • Fuco

    I can't help but wonder why people base their code on such shitty solutions as ace-jump-mode :/ Ace-window implementation is a terrible clutch on top of a system that is, well, inadequate at best.

    This feels like a common problem in emacs packages: on one side, people complain when others NIH code, on the other the complete lack of reusable, properly abstract code basically forces you to NIH. I guess the only usable solution would be to have some kind of an overseer with cleanly stated goals/apis for reusable components/frameworks. Sadly, emacs-devel also turned out to be completely inadequate for this. *sigh*

    • abo-abo

      What's bad about ace-jump-mode? It behaves predictably, reliably and never bugs out for me. If a shop sells only apples, and you want oranges, it's not the shop's fault.

  • abo-abo

    Thanks for the welcome, @jcs. Hopefully I won't lose my resolve to post, now that the archives page finally has a scroll bar:)