Privacy for the Rest of Us

A recurrent theme around here has been the need to give crypto-enabled apps a user interface that is transparent to Aunt Millie. This is important because no matter how well-protected the geeks make themselves, no one is truly safe until we, as a society, achieve herd immunity from surveillance by criminals and overreaching governments. As it stands now, anyone taking steps to ensure their privacy is putting on a sign that says, “I'm someone you should look at.”

Sadly, the problem is a hard one. Now, Cory Doctorow is reporting in the Guardian on an effort to solve this problem. The article discusses why this is important to everyone and announces the formation of a new non-profit organization to address the issue. The organization, Simply Secure, has a new Website up that explains what they're trying to do and solicits user input. They also have a blog Twitter feed and a newsletter so you can follow their progress.

This seems like an excellent effort and one that deserves our support. Visit the site and see if you have skills they can use. We'll all be better off for it.

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  • First comment in your blog! I'm a loyal reader hehehe, a lot of emacs things and interesting stuff.

    I just wanted to tell I'm working on a project that tries to do precisely what you article (and Simply Secure, btw) is asking: easy to use security. I'm the developer of Bitmask Android (Play Store link, Github link), a one-button VPN client which set up a VPN profile automatically using our platform in a breeze.

    Thanks for your blog, and thanks for this post.