Sacha Chats with Harry R. Schwartz

Sacha Chua has posted the latest in her series of Emacs Chats. This time it's with Harry R. Schwartz. Schwartz is one of the organizers of Emacs NYC, which holds meetings and produces videos of the talks that the participants give. If you live in NYC and are an Emacs aficionado you should check out one of the meetings. If you don't live in the city, the videos of the talks are available for streaming or download.

As always with Chua's chats, I learned something useful. I find that I often want to move a line up or down but there's no built in way of doing that. Schwartz has a couple of simple functions, move-line-up and move-line-down, that do that. You can find their source at GitHub.

The chat is 53 minutes so you'll want to plan accordingly.

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