Advanced Programming Mode Implementation

A year and a half ago I mentioned Christopher Wellons' excellent tutorial on writing a minor mode. Now David Christiansen looks at some of the advanced aspects of implementing programming modes. As with Wellons' post, Christiansen is documenting the things he learned from implementing his own mode---idris-mode in his case.

I like this post because it explains how to implement features that add polish and utility to your mode. He covers:

  • Imenu
  • Completion
  • Eldoc
  • flycheck and
  • Customize

as well as other hints for writing programming modes.

As with the Wellons post, you'll want to bookmark this one against the day that you need its advice. As Christiansen says, all this material is well documented but the problem is knowing what's available so you can look up its documentation.

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  • Thank you for the kind words! If there's anything I'm missing, I'd love to know, both to write a better guide and to make idris-mode better.