Some Notes On ace-window

The other day, I wrote about ace-window, a really nice way of quickly jumping from one window to another. I used the suggested key sequence 【Meta+p】 to trigger it so it seemed pretty fast.

After using it for a while, I noticed that it didn't work with ibuffer because ibuffer uses 【Meta+p】 to move through filters. Since I very often have an ibuffer buffer open, I decided to change the triggering key sequence.

One further thing you should know about ace-window is that if there are only two windows, it simply switches to the window that doesn't have focus (exactly as if you had typed 【Ctrl+x o】). I remembered that Mathias Dahl had commented that he used 【F1】 and 【F2】 to move between windows because it was a single key and very quick so I decided to use a function key. I chose 【F11】 because I find it easy to reach. Now things are even better. If I have two windows open I can switch between them with 【F11】 and if there are more than two windows, ace-window gets triggered with the same key. A definite win.

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  • bakhti

    Thanks for sharing this. I've also installed ace-window after your previous post and found that Meta+p didn't work in some buffers (like magit). I'm also catching myself constantly typing Ctrl+x o. So after this post I decided to remap other-window key set, like:
    (global-set-key [remap other-window] 'ace-window)

    • jcs

      I thought of doing that too but I really liked Dahl's idea of using a single key. I'm always switching windows so that increase in ease and speed adds up. On the other hand, your solution is nice because you just do what you've always done but get that wonderful ace-window functionality.

  • Jarvis

    I recently started using the switch-window command from instead of ace-window. It works basically the same, but because the numbers it assigns to the windows are much larger, it is quicker to see what number was assigned to the window you want to switch to.

  • Adam

    I love ace-jump-mode, but for simple window switching, I bound Ctrl+1 to delete-other-windows, and Ctrl+2 to other-window.