Sacha Chats with Bozhidar Batsov

Sacha Chua has posted the latest episode in her Emacs Chats series. This time it's with Bozhidar Batsov, who, among other things, runs the excellent Emacs Redux blog. Batsov is also the author of the prelude, projectile, and cider packages for Emacs.

Batsov talks about how he got started with Emacs, his hopes for its future, and his plans for ongoing Emacs work. He demonstrates some of the features of prelude, a sort of advanced starter kit for Emacs, and his project manager projectile. I was delighted to learn that he uses many of the same micro-optimizations that I do. For example, he's a big user of ace-jump-mode and ace-windows, two packages that I'm using more and more lately.

The chat is a bit over 53 minutes so you'll need to set some time aside. The beginning of the chat has some technical problems with bandwidth but once you get through the initial snafus it's fine. Batsov has made some significant contributions to the Emacs community so I think you'll enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Update: Added link to the video.

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