Emacs 24.4 Desktop-Save-Mode

Like many Emacs users, I keep Emacs running continuously on my machines. To maintain the illusion of a constantly running Emacs, I use desktop-save-mode to maintain my configuration across invocations of Emacs or even reboots. Other than things like forgetting my org2blog/wp password, Emacs presents a consistent representation of my work space even if Emacs or the OS restarts.

As Xah Lee explains, Emacs 24.4 expands on these capabilites. These are not huge improvements but incremental changes to make our work flows a bit better. Hop on over to Lee’s post to see what these improvements are.

The more I find out about Emacs 24.4, the more impressed I am. The new release is looking to be a great improvement. Between Lee, Bozhidar Batsov, and, of course, Mickey we’re getting a preview into a really great new release.

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  1. Xah Lee says:

    thanks for mention.
    emacs 24.4 is so cool, lots features.

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